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E-Learning-What Kind Of Features Your App Should Have


To Create an Online Learning App is a Great Idea?

Online teaching apps or software gives you more exposure as well as your content can reach every corner of the earth. Online education platforms are numerous in numbers now for different niches. It was a time of 2011 when two young Bangalore-based entrepreneurs took risks to form an online-based learning platform and today this startup raised its value by 16 billion dollar INR. BYJU has become the world's most famous and valuable online learning marketing venture.

As we have seen the worst conditions all around the world, everyone and every business faced these three years of the Covid-19 pandemic. The online education platform became a major part of the education system. All the universities and colleges/schools allow using the virtual way of teaching and learning. As it is safe and just needs an internet connection and device to watch the live and tutorials classes. It was estimated in 2017 that by the time of 2022 the online education platforms increased 58.83 % than now and rightly so their estimation somehow got true.

Online learning platforms, either way, are more sustainable than face-to-face learning, or if we talk in terms of the environment. Research conducted by The Open University found that “due to distance learning courses there are 85 % fewer emissions of CO2 by the students all over than the full-time campus-based courses” there is no doubt that in near future all the education systems will prefer online learning.

How to find a Niche before Launching such an Online Platform?

The education industry is extremely vast and diverse and it provides plethoric options for developing the online learning app. When it comes to businessmen or entrepreneurs everyone wants to create a customized online education system that is unique from available resources of e-learning platforms. You must know that there is a difference between the two; a certain group of people going to use your app or it’s for a wide number of people.

For instance, if you want to develop an app for primary school students where they learn and can participate in a quiz on the same app. So in order to make such an app, you need to focus on that targeted user group, and the app will be designed in that way with some particular features and ways of interaction. Yeah, you read it right, interaction can be one way or two ways in an e-learning app.


If we talk about an application; which serves a major portion of users where no restrictions are there for using it, it could be more typical to build. As there is a variety of functionality implemented in it, like video lectures attending, online quiz between lectures, questions, and confusion of students, online tests, 24*7 chat support, or sometimes the users are allowed to answer and help each other while discussion. These things make an app crucial to building and it takes time to completely implement these features.

Why is an Online Learning App Useful?

An education app service or software can encourage young children to study while playing if there is a gaming version of an app where they can play and learn through it. And if the app is built for widespread people without any restrictions of geo-location so that more mature users can enjoy full-scale self-learning through your apps. These apps can generate more employment for people as you need to hire some educators to record and take lectures for your audience. People would be grateful if you developed a skills assessment solution or a school management platform.


Now you have got the complete idea about the niche you want to choose, and it’s up to you to make this decision what kind of app you want to launch for a group of people, where they can upgrade their skills and knowledge. It may be for primary school kids, maybe for high school kids and maybe some professional courses like for office going people to grow in career after doing that course and attending classes. Online Learning Apps or software can be for anything like cooking classes, and gymnasiums where an instructor assists you to do things better virtually without wasting your time in transportation from one place to another.

How it can be Built in a Way that Helps?

Place your product dimensions in such a way that you can count every bit of effort and result you put in:

  1. ?Assortment:-  First of all you need to consider what your app/software should be. Should you allow your app or software product either for a particular group of people or for a wide range of educational Systems. Let’s take a scenario; if you develop a Learning app/software for such an online learning platform where the audience or users are in many, then there are some guidelines and limitations you must follow.

    However, if you build an application for primary children to learn mathematics through games, then surely you are free to do whatever you want but with minimum guidelines.

  2. Accessibility:-  Learning Apps should be in a way that can be open only to a certain circle of people or if needed It can be open to the broad public. For instance; if your app's purpose is for learning languages, then it should be easily accessible to all without any terms.

    Instead of this for particular organizations, your app would definitely be closed for the public purpose or only be accessible by active users of organizations.


  3. Geo-Location:- In that order, another important preference to make is whether your objective is going to be worldwide or limited to a particular geological place. If your app is going to be available only for certain users, you have to customize it with particular geological location limitations and criteria.

    However, if your app is global you don’t have to worry about it just go with standardizations and it will work.

  4.  Characteristics:- As far as we talk about behavior and characteristics of learning apps it should totally be dependent on the owner whether he allows customizations in the app to a particular user to do changes in some features or not like change the course, stop or halt the lectures and to allow recording.

    If your product is particularly for a group of the same interests then it must provide them with biased information that they find relevant. However, if the app covers courses in all possible subjects and topics then you must build this app as unbiased as possible.

  5. Communication Flow:- Every app has a communication flow of sharing information. If the information flow will be unidirectional then your online-learning app is limited to lectures, then the communication is held only in one way.

    If you are going to allow your users with an option to take tests, quiz questions, or chat with each other to resolve the issue in a community, then the flow of information will be bidirectional or two-way. Now it's your sole responsibility to get an app with a proper flow of communication regarding its usage.

  6. Point in time:- Apart from the interaction you need to decide the way of communication with the point of time should it be there synchronously or asynchronously. If you want a live chat room or an online conferencing tool in your app then the interaction will be in real-time.

    If your app features a discussion forum like stack-overflow, Quora, and many more that does not require an immediate response then you will look to implement asynchronous interaction with time. However, synchronous interaction with time helps students learn to communicate more effectively and to think faster, despite the fact that the asynchronous one gives them an opportunity to take time to put together their thoughts

When It Helps To Increase Monetary Values-

Last but not the least; one question every owner must think about. Before formulating this idea of getting a learning app for online education, it is whether your app should be able to earn some monetary value.  Any app can be free or paid, or maybe it should have to feature in-app purchases to earn money. It totally depends on the purpose of the app and target users, it depends on you to settle on monetization or not.

If you develop an app that is basic for educating users then you should make it accessible for free. But you can add later some premium features that can’t be accessed by all users until they subscribe to it. If you develop an app that has no uniqueness and features then there is no sense in building a paid version of it because there can be a huge number of similar apps that are accessible for free. Instead, if your learning app is going to have some inbuilt features for some exclusive courses or content, then you are free to go and charge your users for using it.

Wrapping Up the Thoughts-

Well finally things depend on what your app should be, and how it's gonna be available to users on time, and budget limits for developing an e-learning app. What kind of special functions need to be implemented sooner or later? People come up with a unique idea: but only pro developers are able to find a software solution to a learning app development. You should hire a team of developers who have enough experience in developing such apps.

While conducting studies and research of all near aspects of the application stage and then finalizing your app specifications, its UI/UX, and other things keeping in mind. There are many aspects in app development thoroughly designing, developing, testing, and deploying on the store. For such a crucial process you need to choose a team of specialists like
Engineer Master Solutions we will assist you with the app development and give you the best in a price bracket with support and maintenance features.

We promise to deliver it on time and with perfection as you wish it to be, that's where we stand tall besides others.
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