Product Re-Engineering


Product Re-engineering Solutions : Services

Businesses both technical and non-technical are faced with intense competition at times, which requires a constant launch cycle, continuous innovation, and high-quality software development, along with enhanced time-to-market. It is crucial that software engineering efforts are connected with a deeper understanding of business and user contexts. Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd. brings end-to-end innovative engineering solutions, ideation, re-engineering, sustenance, new product development, product testing and support, to each engagement.


With ongoing development in systems engineering, improved versions of current technologies are launched frequently. These new versions present a challenge to engineers who have to cope with compatibility issues of various versions of the system software and hardware. While the latest technologies offer many valuable features lacking in legacy systems, it is sometimes unfeasible to replace older versions altogether. Systems re-engineering is an excellent solution for such situations; it utilizes as much as possible of the legacy system and incorporates new features into it.

With Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd., the digital transformation will become easy to the production process and end products of different industries. With this, companies will be able to transform business models and it allows to providing high value services; virtual reality and software product engineering to the customers.

Product Re-Engineering Advantages

  • Re-engineering aids in appending additional features to an already present product and therefore, helps you to save on future expenditure for re-structuring or re-developing their apps – lowering expenses and time
  • Putting Modern Technology to Use: Product re-engineering can help in employing modern technology to improve the lifetime and durability of already available apps.
  • Time involved and costs can be curtailed in training the users which would not be the case if application re-development from the scratch had occurred.

With Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd. Re-Engineering You Get:

  • Ideation of Product
  • Designing Architecture
  • Development & Implementation
  • Assurance of Quality
  • Product Assistance
  • Training & Documentation