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Whether your business is new to the cloud or your strategy is well progressed, Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd. can help you optimize your IT environment to take full advantage. Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd. can also help you assess your cloud readiness, identify applications and workloads for migration and minimize the risk of transition. This all means less infrastructure considerations and management for your business, and more time to focus on core activities. Cloud computing is not just backup companies data securely; it also assists in lowering OPEX and CAPEX with a more rapid marketing experience. We are distinctly unique from our competition due to our exhaustive knowledge in cloud computing and faster embracing of cutting edge technologies.

Our Services

  • We offer online storage services same as provided by prominent brands like Salesforce, Amazon and Microsmodernt.
  • We comprehensive solutions with the aid of our team of professionals to investigate the framework and programming choices. Our solutions span the entire spectrum right from setting up bodily components to sophisticated cloud storage facility.
  • We provide the most cutting-edge services for storing data in multi-cloud setup or in organized IT establishments.
  • We give conceptualization and execution to three-level engineering organization for complex distributed computing framework.
  • We display our capability in giving distributed computing administrations to built up setups and in addition rising new businesses with unerring security to the organization’s prized information.
  • We offer additional grade of security safeguarded with advanced tools and thoroughly encoded password protection measures. There is zero possibility of breaching our protection standards with the use of any unsanctioned data.
  • We offer state-of-the-art methods to recover or get back data from cloud storage with ease.
  • We provide customized cloud computing services for elevating your present system with optimum hardware setup and come up with advanced tools to structure cloud data storage with safety

To briefly summarize:

Creating and implementing cloud application along with transition and evaluation Public Clouds Expertise: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure Platform & Google App Engine

Private Cloud Expertise: VMwareb

  • Proficiency in Development Technology:
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java/J2EE
  • Open Source (LAMP/WAMP)

Providing appropriate Cloud Infrastructure and Management Consulting solutions for virtualizing infrastructure with the use of VMware and Microsoft Hyper V

Our Virtualization Services:

  • Migration Planning
  • Data Centre Designing
  • Migration from Physical to Virtual Infra
  • Virtualization Planning Capacity

Cloud Consulting and Professional Services:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment and ROI/TCO Calculations
  • Business Critical Cloud Security Assessment and Solutions
  • SaaS Architecture Verification