Security / IP Security


Client Confidentiality and Security

We give utmost importance and value to project and information confidentiality. To safeguard the confidentiality of our clients’ projects when it comes to information safety, physical security and other factors, we put in place adequate steps to build an extremely safe environment for development. Client discretion is highly important to produce a productive and longstanding association with customers. We are completely dedicated to guarding our customer IP during the entirety of the project life cycle.

Generally a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed and implemented each time we accept a project with any customer that places respect for every bit of private and proprietary data. The following is usually present in our NDA:

  • The precise kind of data that will be assimilated from the customer’s end
  • The central aim of accumulating this information
  • The processes utilized to put into use the accumulated information
  • The meticulous methods and steps that will be performed to assure total safety

NDA for employees

  • During the recruitment of every employee, it is made sure that each employee signs an exclusive information and agreement to safeguard the information of the customer. In accompaniment of this, individual NDAs are also signed by the employees
  • Employees are constantly duty-bound to not reveal any of the proprietary data directly or indirectly to any person, whoever it maybe with any company and sternly disallowed to even abridge, utilize, copy, take away or publish any of the data from the company sites.

Safety of Data

  • Firewalls are setup on our systems to limit entry to users just inside the network only
  • Scanning for viruses is done regularly and descriptive log files are kept to efficiently screen and trace usage
  • Any kind of open email services, utilization of storage devices such as DVDs, disk drivers or writers are restricted from usage on any of our desktop systems
  • Unsanctioned entry to users is forbidden by giving the access to the primary administrator controls to only very few, specific IP addresses

Project linked IP Safeguarding

  • We allot committed assets to every single project to sustain the topmost level of safety. This averts any needless and unsanctioned utilization of resources thereby preserving confidentiality.
  • Any and every interchange of IP amongst projects is sternly prohibited because of our robust ethical framework