Support & Maintenance


Customer Support and Maintenance Services

Developing the right, maximized solution on a modern technology and platform takes care of the lion’s share of the task. Administering the apps, assisting the integration of such applications judiciously inside the modules is a crucial aspect. This also lets you to assimilate both the forward and back sections seamlessly. Managing the apps as the business tasks progress spells of highest vitality in the durable lifetime of the applications.

Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd. possesses a vast expertise and understanding in offering the complete range of preparation, assistance and upkeep services once the solutions have been executed and setup effectively.

Services we provide

From our inception, we have consistently prioritized the support and maintenance part simultaneously alongside the actual implementation of the project.

Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd. trusts that the real test begins as the assignment becomes active and customer starts receiving feedback. Our trustworthy and experience support & maintenance team assist us to be efficient in handling the problems encountered by our customers.

  • Technical Support
  • Bug Fixing & Skinning
  • Change Request
  • JIRA Tool
  • Improvement, Upgrade to newest version, Migration
  • Adding latest facets, functionalities, Testing,
  • Answer back time within a maximum of 24 Hours
  • Get in touch through Email/Chat/Phone Support
  • Resource Access(Developers, Testers, Project Managers)
  • Service level Agreement

Any assignment needs proper support and maintenance as an integral part and this is a task we focus on with thorough professionalism. We offer comprehensive upkeep support to our customers to diagnose the problematic part and pointing out workable answers to those. After common agreement, our experienced team offers the precise solution with the assistance of sophisticated tools and technologies. Engineer Master Pvt. Ltd. technologies provides a round the clock support system and the customer can contact us at any hour of the day. Our support team offers quick, proficient answers. Even if you visit us physically, you will be offered an efficient solution in the quickest span of time.