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Wanna know what JS is and How it took over the Whole Development of Website and Application


JavaScript" is a Client-Side Scripting Language that came into existence in the year 1995 by Brendan Eich it is to be said that he developed this language only within 10 days called “Mocha” that time.


The Ideology Behind Name:-

You must be thinking about why someone has given a coffee name to its programming language?


Let me tell you about that in that old era of computer and technology development “Java” [Also a name of coffee] was known as the most popular language so they thought that the popularity of Java could be beneficial to them also, so that’s the main idea behind naming it as “JavaScript” and it became a reality the popularity of JS is worldwide now.


On the contrary, “Java” & “JavaScript” are totally different languages. One is used for the Frontend (Client-Side Scripting) another is used as Backend Development Language (Server-Side Scripting).


In the initial days, JS is used with HTML and CSS to make the frontend side of websites and apps more interactive and dynamic functionality to it. JS is used to handle HTTP requests and generate content according to the user’s action.



When a programmer is writing thick applications in JavaScript on the client then he can also write the logic behind the fetching of data as per users request in JavaScript on the server so that it can be done with one language without using the other one that’s the most useful feature and reason of popularity of JS. It allows websites to behave as per user actions without reloading the whole page.

But today as time has changed and will change continuously so as our technologies are and will. Nowadays around 97% of Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps (Both Android and iOS), Smart-watch Apps, Development and Algorithms behind the working of Drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), APIs Development using JS as their prior choice.

Performance Enhancement:-


It’s all because of its vast functionality and large sets of methods, libraries, and working on a Document Object Model (DOM), Model View Controller (MVC frameworks).

If we talk about the performance, JavaScript is a bit faster than other languages like PHP, java, swift, ruby & python that’s why computer engineers and data scientists prefer JavaScript as their first language.


JS is Dynamic:-

It is also better for those mobile applications that require real-time dynamic interaction with Backend and Frontend like on click fetching of data from servers.

JavaScript can be used to develop the whole website, it is Front and Back end both, and it’s suited for the businesses that need Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and ERP Applications because of its ultimate ability to support and maintain both domains of a Website and Application.


Programmers Favorite:-  

They mainly use JS for the back end and Server-Side Scripting. JS is also used for analytics and math-intensive projects, as it’s easy to the maintainability of code in the form of model view and controller format and can be used to create wide-scale large-sized applications and software projects.

JS has Frameworks:-

JavaScript also provides the facility for creating a website. JavaScript provides React.js as its designing part of the website and for backend purposes, it uses Node.js libraries to build web-based software and applications. Node.js is also initially built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for developing fast and scalable network applications.

JS usually uses event-driven methods, lightweight and efficient Applications Programming Interface API’s which can be distributed over the systems with the help of a server.

JS is everywhere:-

Not only in Websites and App Development but the use of JS also helps in creating games for fun and enjoyment some of you may have seen as a popup in your smartphones while using the internet. With the help of a combination of JavaScript and HTML5, we can make popular games.

So, at last, JS is the new technology of this modern era, which is widely used in hybrid apps across cross platforms, Websites, Web Apps, Games, Pebble.js is used to make Smartwatch Applications and the wider community of experts and developers making it more easy and amazing day by day.

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