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Reason to Choose React Native for Hybrid App Development


React native has also bought the similar concept of building user interface introduced by react. This frame work treats the user interface as a function of the data which leads to simplicity. React native is generally used in app development. React native app development has been a catalyst for the frame work that consists of the client side library can be taught as an upgrade to React – which was a java script library developed by Facebook and Instagram. This framework was the first meet doubtful condition to that HTML and JAVA script most of the developer that struggle and separate them two but the successful development of mobile apps and individual two useful libraries as lead the increase the adaptation.

Why choose React native:

Hot reloading capabilities

This lead the charge to react native become more popular before using this React native you can change the code in the app development then you can apply on the app that the changed code then you can compile whole application after using the react native when you deploy your application on the server then you want to do change in some small part code or we can say that you want to update the code then you can use this part for compile, not the whole application you only compile that part and doesn’t effect on the another part.

Ease of UI development

In relative native, the layout is implemented in CSS like cascade style sheet that allows us the specific components that are margin, border, height, weight, as well as font and colors. The best thing that is using the flexbox the component can specify the layout of the children you don’t need to stress about the browser capabilities.

Immediate development

In reactive native framework used the AppHub and CodePush to push the instant update in the customer device the situation of Android and IOS comparison pale to this after a fixed bug to update within 24 hours and 3-4 day reaches in the user’s device.

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